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Best Student Accomodation Services for Students-Best Student Accomodation Portal-Best Student Accomodation Provider near me

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Best Student Accomodation Portal
Best Student Accomodation Services for Students-Best Student Accomodation Portal-Best Student Accomodation Provider near me

About to Ocxee

OCXEE Ltd is a world leading marketplace offering services to international students who desire to complete their overseas education in a foreign country. From accommodation and forex to SIM cards and furniture rentals, we provide guidance and assistance to foreign students. Our only aim is to help students away from home in a foreign country and to make their stay hassle free. All they need to do is focus on their studies – we will take care of the rest!
With our experienced and expert team, OCXEE is reputed, reliable, and the largest leading marketplace for providing comprehensive student services. With our global presence we are able to help international students study abroad at the University or College they wish without worrying about the stress and hassle of moving abroad.
Best Student Accomodation Services for Students-Best Student Accomodation Provider near me-Best Pickup and Drop Services for Students

What we Do

Here at OCXEE, we make the transition of moving from a student’s home country to a foreign place easy and simple. We take care of all their needs, ranging from accommodation, furniture rentals, money exchange, and local SIM cards and much more.
We aim to make the student’s life hassle-free and easy. From pre-landing to post-landing services, our team covers everything with exceptional determination. Being a London-based company, we specialise in offering a wide range of services with the highest level of delivery from our skilled and friendly team. We understand that moving from one country to another can be a daunting task for students and so we are here to make their life and transition easy and simple with our dedicated team.
Why Us-Our Execellence-Ocxee

Our Strength

The core strengths and major benefits of using OCXEE to help include:
• Round-the-clock support service for students.
• Expert service-providers on-board from around the world.
• Robust platform with interactive features for students.
• Availability of OCXEE mobile app on IOS and Android Play Store makes it easier for students to connect with us and avail of our services.
With our wealth of experience in the industry, we have emerged as a one-stop destination for our students. Catering to all their post-landing needs, we help them by making it easier to cope in a foreign land.
Our Mission-Best Student Accomodation Services for Students

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a one-stop-shop to students requiring support both before and during their time studying overseas. We aim to make it easy and hassle free to be able to study wherever they want to all over the world.
Our Vision-Best Student Accomodation in London

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow the business so that it is able to meet all types of support needed by international students globally.
Our Team is Made of Dedicated and Committed Individuals

Our Team

We have a skilled and diverse team hand-picked from across the globe to meet the needs of the students. Filled with a passion for excellence and dedication, our team is made of committed individuals who strive to support all students. We also have a dedicated and strong network of connections in the government and the private sector to help with offering our services round-the-clock.
Hassle-free Services for International Students

Offering our Helping Hand

Our company came into existence through the experience and realisation of the hardships foreign students face when studying abroad. It inspired us to bring experts from various fields together on the same team to lend our helping hands to foreign students facing difficulties. With our services we aim to ensure that we can provide a feeling of home to all our students. We want our students to feel that they have the backing of OCXEE and to take the stress and worry away from studying abroad.
We have a worldwide presence and are renowned for providing one-stop solutions to students. Using both technical advancements and our wide spread network, we make it a priority to deliver hassle-free services for international students.
OCXEE aims to make student life in a foreign land comfortable and trouble-free, and we are always looking to expand our scope of services. We look to building a lifelong relationship with the students by making them feel safe and secure.
You Can Find Us Everywhere:
Ocxee-beds globally
2.5 million beds globally.
Ocxee-bank transfer
Money transfer in more than 175 countries.
sim cards globally
SIM cards of more than 30 countries.
Ocxee-network banks
We have more than 5000 networks of banks.
Ocxee-storage services uk
We have storage services available in 40+ countries.
Ocxee-channel partners
We have 1000+ channel partners and service providers.

Top Class Service Providers

We are the top-class service-providers, offering quality solutions to our clients, in the following sectors:

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