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Keval Amdavadi – 6.5

I registered for IELTS prep course from Ocxee when I was planning to study in Canada. The course material was simple and easy to follow. I got my desired band score in listening section where I failed in my previous attempts. I received my approval letter from Fanshawe College. Thank you Ocxee for the impressive service.

Digent Mistry - 7.0

I had an amazing experience with Ocxee. I was preparing for IELTS and came across Ocxee prep courses. The course was well-structured which helped me save a lot of time during preparation. The cracked a 7.0 which was previously unthinkable.

Jay Tibadiya – 7.0

The speaking section was the toughest part of my IELTS test preparation. Ocxee practice tests helped me crack this section brilliantly. Great quality and incredible service.

Yuren Patel -6.5

On a rank of 1 to 10, ill rank 8 for their IELTS online course. I scored 6.5 bands and now moving to study in Yorville University in Canada. I recommend Ocxee to students struggling with IELTS. It’s really good.

Varshil Ramani – 7.0

The best course for IELTS preparation I have come across online. The best part is that the price is decent and you have plenty of practice tests to evaluate your progress. That is what made all the difference.

Honey Kapadia -6.5

The IELTS course is undoubtedly the best in India. I was facing some issues with the registration part and then in the listening band audio files. The support team was constantly looking into it without losing any bit of patience even with a tech novice like me. Great service.

Sargam Sanghani -7.0

I scored 7.0 bands in IELTS and got my invitation from Algoma University. All thanks to the Ocxee IELTS online course. I highly recommend other students to try at least once.

Monil Bagdawala – 6.5

The faculty is really good. Especially the speech, tenses and grammar portions were very useful. The course has not only helped me score a 6.5 but build my confidence to perform.

Axit Mavani – 6.0

Mock tests and corrections of answers are very useful to understand where you lack and what needs your focus. The staff is excellent and made me feel very comfortable. I had a great time with the Ocxee support team.

Yashvi Savani 6.0

I approached Ocxee with the expectation of good infrastructure, assistance, friendly approach and most importantly faculty competence. No doubt they meet all the expectations. Greatly recommend Ocxee IELTS online course.

Dhaval Bure – 7.0

The classes are very strategized and prepare you well for the final test. The practice and mock tests helped me get comfortable with the questionnaire. So, I could perform confidently on the final day. Thank you Ocxee. Keep doing what you are doing!

Naman Sanghvi -7.0

The teaching quality is superb. Understanding the scoring pattern and how to take up each section was explained brilliantly. The supporting staff is also very helpful.