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Benefits for students

Loan Approval before admission

Bank will issue Education Loan disbursement letter after student get Offer Letter from Respective University, so you do not have to downsize your dreams!

Quick and hassle-free Loan process

Once the documentation is completed and approved by Bank officer, our support team will keep you updated with the status.

Expert Advice

You can consult OCXEE's Financial expert for any query related to education loan.

Easy to apply

It takes a few minutes of your time to apply for an education loan from our portal.

Benefits for Parents

Responsible Option

Education Loan makes students financially responsible and can help their parents by funding on their own.

Loan up to 75-80% of Educational Expenses

You don't have to compromise on the quality of education of your child because of higher fees.

Tenure for Education Loan

Parents may avail a benefit of loan tenure of upto 15 years.

Web-based access

Ability to get web-based access to the loan account with web-enabled transaction processing inclusive of electronic payments, etc.

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