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  • Bounce

    Bounce is one of the largest luggage storage networks in the world with hundreds of stores located across more than 100 cities around the world. Bounce wants to make it as easy as possible for you to Live Life Light. Simply book online through the Bounce website or app, drop off your bag, and enjoy your day free from your things.

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    Why should you store your bags with Bounce?
    • There are no size limits for suitcases or backpacks stored with Bounce.
    • We vet every store partner before they make it onto our platform, and we provide security tags for added peace of mind.
    • Our partner stores are located in convenient spots within major cities and many of them are open 24/7. Drop your bags off whenever and wherever suits you most.  

  • Nannybag

    5 reasons to entrust your luggage to Nannybag.

    Nannybag is the largest luggage storage network in the world. Each day, we delete obstacles in the travelling experience to make sure that people fully enjoy their trip!
    Our luggage storage network comprises 10,000 partner hotels, restaurants and shops called Nannies and available in 40 countries and 500 cities.

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    1. An ultra-secure system: Nannybag partner shops are selected according to precise and ultra-secure criteria: each bag is identified by a numbered security seal. The customer's identity is also thoroughly checked when the bag is dropped off and when it is picked up. Each piece of luggage is insured up to 1500€ against damage that may occur during the service: the customer is thus insured against loss, theft and breakage.
    2. Attractive rates: The prices offered are fixed and on average lower than other luggage deposit services. Storing your belongings will only cost you 6€ per bag and per day (prices in each currency are available online). There is no limit for the size of the luggage in question: neither for the size nor for the weight.
    3. An easy to use service: With more than 10,000 partners in 40 countries, Nannybag lockers are easy to book. On the app (Google Play and App Store) as well as on the website, you just have to select the location of your choice, a date, a time slot to drop off and pick up your luggage and a suitable Nanny will be presented to you! Installed in strategic locations (shops, hotels, restaurants, gyms...) these lockers have the advantage of being close to many points of interest such as train stations, subway stations or monuments and have flexible schedules.
    4. A privileged contact: Nannybag stands out from other luggage deposit services, which often operate with automated lockers, by favoring real human contact. Network partners are selected according to strict and very specific criteria for obvious security reasons, but also to ensure that each customer is received and accompanied in the best conditions. The same goes for customer service management: if you need additional information or advice, you will be assisted by an actual person.
    5. Flexible storage times: Whether you want to store your luggage for a few hours or several days, Nannybag offers extremely flexible solutions: you can have your bags stored for up to 30 days in a row! In short, if you are looking for a solution to travel safely and without constraints, Nannybag is the ideal plan!

  • Dorm Co

    Your one-stop-shop for everything for Your College Dorm Room.

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    DormCo is your one-stop shop for everything for your College Dorm Room. With the focus on college tuition and textbooks, you don't want your dorm supplies to cost you an arm and a leg, so DormCo offers the widest selection of dorm essentials at the lowest prices. We understand all it takes to prepare for heading off to college, leaving mom and dad, and arriving on an exciting, yet unknown college campus. Setting up your college dorm room should be a fun and enjoyable process and by shopping at DormCo you can be confident that you have everything you need for college life.

    1. SAVE TIME: DormCo is a one-stop shop that carries everything you need to make your college dorm room a comfortable home away from home.
    2. SAVE MONEY: DormCo offers everyday low prices, including our current $2.95 shipping on your entire order!
    3. CONFIDENCE: DormCo inventories every product you see available online, giving you confidence in your choices for college supplies.
    4. SELECTION: It is not enough that DormCo just offers one or two items in each dorm supply category. In every essential dorm supply category, DormCo offers a wide selection. By offering selection, Dorm Co allows you and your dorm room to be unique to your style.
    5. EXCLUSIVE: Not only does DormCo offer a wide variety of selection, we also offer you products that you won't find anywhere else. Many DormCo products are our own branded dorm supplies created exclusively for college dorm life.
    6. SERVICE: Just like DormCo is dedicated to providing you with quality dorm essentials for your dorm room, we are also dedicated to providing you with great customer service. Every email and voicemail gets a response. No matter the thought, question, or concern DormCo responds.... and not just responds, but you can set a watch to us that it will never exceed 24 hours.
    7. KNOWLEDGE: DormCo doesn't just retail dorm supplies, we KNOW dorm supplies. Ask us a question or talk to us about your dorm room and our knowledge will be sure to impress. It is not enough to offer a great selection, it is our DormCo mission to know why every item available is important for your college dorm room.
    8. SHIPPING: We already mentioned our current $2.95 flat rate per order shipping, but DormCo also offers express shipping too. Every order leaves the DormCo warehouse within 1 business day. This means depending upon where you live you'll get your order within 2-5 business days. However, if you need it faster you can upgrade your shipping to 2-Day or Overnight!
    9. CLEAN: What we mean by 'clean' is that although DormCo knows that college should be fun, you won't find any party supplies here! DormCo stands for making your dorm room as comfortable and useful as possible. One of the reasons college students may drop out out or skate by is missing home. One way to combat homesickness is to have a dorm room set-up that feels like home. By providing you with comfortable dorm supplies, DormCo provides you with the dorm essentials you need for making your college dorm room feel like home instead of a party room.
    10. PEOPLE: By shopping at Dorm Co you are shopping with people. DormCo actually cares about your first child going to college or if you are a student we care if your roommate stinks. Whether you call or email if we can offer products that help, find college answers for you, or just be a listening ear, we not only can do it, we look forward to it. Let DormCo help make your college dorm experience everything that it should be!

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