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Here's a quick glimpse of your NiYO experience:

Zero Forex Markup

No Markup anywhere on the globe. Load in INR and use anywhere in the world across over 2 million VISA ATMs.

24/7 App Support

Load your card via NEFT/ IMPS anytime, anywhere. Stay updated with live currency conversion rates. Get transaction notifications.

Card Security

Lock, unlock or even block your card on-the-go. Use your app to reset your ATM PIN instantly. Get transaction notifications on the NiYO app

4 Easy Steps to Get Started

Meet a NiYO agent to get your card and complete your KYC (passport sized photo + PAN + Aadhar).

Download the NiYO app and log in with your registered mobile number.

Transfer money to your NiYO - DCB account via NEFT/IMPS.

Use your card domestically and overseas with Zero Forex markup*.

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