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  • Assurance Visiteurs

    Assurance Visiteurs is expertise in providing private medical plans for International students, foreign workers, new immigrants and visitors to Canada.

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    Are you planning a trip to Canada? Maybe someone special is coming to Canada to visit you? You are a new immigrant and you are on your waiting period until you obtain your provincial medical card? Either way, it should be a safe and enjoyable visit or new beginning. But since anything can happen, such as an unexpected illness or injury, make sure you\'ve got the proper coverage. Talk to us today about travel insurance. For new immigrants, people visiting family or friends, and tourists exploring Canada, our Medical insurance for Visitors to Canada product provides the perfect coverage.  
    1. Super Visa Insurance
    2. International Students
    3. Visitors to Canada
    4. Inpatriates to Canada

  • Study Insured

    Compare the Best Insurance Plans and live hassle-free while you study in Canada.

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    1. Understand the information in your insurance package and the importance of every item in it.
    2. Download a claim form and learn how to submit your claim.
    3. Take advantage of our Student Health and Wellness Assistance Program or use our Find a Doctor tool.

  • Envisage International

    International Health & Travel Insurance

    Envisage International Corporation (EIC) is a leader in international education marketing, running a network of internationally recognized websites and providing unique products and services that meet the needs of students and organizations from all around the world.

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    Atlas Travel: Atlas Travel is built for individuals travelling outside their home country for more than 5 days. This product provides coverage for unexpected illnesses or injuries so you can focus on enjoying your international trip. Atlas policies also include various travel assistance services, including lost passport and document support, as well as lost checked luggage coverage.

    Atlas Group: Atlas Group is the Atlas Travel plan provided at a group discounted rate. It provides a 10% discount for groups of 5 or more.

    Atlas MultiTrip: Atlas MultiTrip is an annual insurance plan designed for business executives, sales professionals, and international travellers taking multiple trips of up to 30 days or 45 days, whichever you elect, throughout the year. Customers have the convenience of a one-time payment and coverage is ensured for any number of last-minute international trips. International coverage is available to employees and their families.

    StudentSecure: The product provides international student health insurance for full-time students or scholars studying outside their home country. Student Secure offers four levels of coverage—Elite, Select, Budget, and Smart, depending on what type of coverage fits the student’s needs and budget. All StudentSecure plans meet J-1 visa requirements, as well as most school requirements.    

  • nib International Student Services

    With over 10 years’ experience supporting international students and visitors, we believe that health coverage should be easy to use and easy to understand. This is why we offer visa compliant health cover for students traveling to both the USA and Australia.

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    1. USA

      We have collaborated with the largest health insurance provider in the USA, United Healthcare Student Resources, which gives you access to the largest and most recognised provider network within the USA. You will also have 24/7 translational support for emergency medical, counselling, and finance guidance.

    2. Australia

      nib Health Funds is our OSHC provider within Australia. One of the largest health insurance providers in Australia. With nib OSHC you will have access to one of largest a provider networks within Australia. You will also have 24/7 translational support for emergency medical. In addition, you will have a smart phone app to keep you in touch with all your policy details.

  • Bupa

    Find the right cover for you OSHC is an adequate health insurance product that covers you while you're in Australia and necessary for your visa grant.

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    A health and care company committed to helping our customers live longer, healthier, happier lives. We offer a broad range of services:

    1. Aged care and Retirement
    2. Dental
    3. Optical
    4. Health Insurance
    5. Community Wellbeing Initiatives


Compare and buy

We assure you the quality of service provided by us is better as compared to others providing the same set of services.

Fast Turnaround

We deliver the fastest turnaround as we provide the International Insurance Certificate to you within a couple of minutes of the insurance purchase.

Great value health cover

We offer the best plan to help you get the best deal on your health cover, we care about your health.

Easy to Purchase

Purchasing student international insurance will be stress-free and quick, getting Insurance is just a click away. Get Insured in a few minutes.

Common Benefits related to Health Insurance

Accidental Injury Benefit

Seek treatment at a hospital Emergency Department within 24 hours of an accident and if you need to be admitted, you'll receive benefits for that as well.

Emergency Ambulance

No annual limits on Emergency Ambulance transportation.

Doctor's Visit

Your health cover will help you pay for doctors and specialists. In case of any health issues, students need not worry they are secured via insurance.

Specialists Services

Specialist services including pathology, radiology, and other treatments will also be covered, now if one desires to get cured under the guidance of a specialist they can do it.

Medical Treatment at the public and private hospital

If you choose to be treated in either of this hospital, you will be required to pay the difference that is the benefit of your plan and accommodation cost.

Prescribed Medication

Prescribed medication is crucial and hence within the cover, you are also eligible for Prescription medication as per applied terms and conditions.


The treatment of prostheses is now possible as one can also take the benefits included in the health cover related to prostheses and cure themselves.

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