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Whether its happiness or the Perfect Job, the more you chase it, the more it eludes you. We will help you apply to right mix and a good fit job in the UK.
At Ocxee, we believe in Results. Hence, we have partnered with the best talent scout platforms in the United Kingdom to find the perfect job that will enrich your career and life. With years of experience in the education industry, we guarantee you interviews for profiles that match your interest and career objectives. We always aim for the best career guidance. We are revered by national employers, offering career building support & employability Services to both national & international students in the UK. Our only focus is to help your career reach wider and better job prospects way before you leave your home country.
Thus, before forwarding each application we retune your resume to match the company and profile we are applying. We ensure that your CV reaches the right profile in the right format. Working with a team of self-driven, confident and resilient individuals, we consider every abroad student’s needs our priority and try our best to fulfil them precisely..
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Assess your Interests

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Optimising CV

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Optimising Cover Letter

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Finding the first job is often the hardest part of your future. The first role you choose can leave a lasting impact on your career growth. At Ocxee, we will glorify your true potential by reforming your CV and Cover Letter in a way that establishes you as a competitive candidate in front of the company recruiters.
Ocxee is known for its services to make students life hassle-free. We will assist you with your job search before you fly from your home country with our employability service. We offer career support you on every step whilst you mark new horizons in the new chapter of your life.
Feeling scared of your first interview? Don’t worry. We have some cool strategies for candidates to build self-confidence and win every opportunity that comes their way. Talking to an expert always helps in more than one way.
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Types of jobs we help
you apply

  • Ocxee Part-Time Jobs for students

    Part-Time Jobs

    Forget those lousy paying, boring and dead-end part-time jobs. Get the best picks with Ocxee.

  • Ocxee Graduate Scheme

    Graduate Scheme

    Develop your leadership skills and gain relevant hands-on experience with Ocxee Graduate Scheme.

  • Ocxee Graduate Jobs

    Graduate Jobs

    Looking for a career you love? Ocxee will support you throughout the process of job searching, applying and cracking the interview.

  • Internships provided by Ocxee


    You learn when you Intern. Get the best internship programs matching your qualification and industry with Ocxee internships pack.

Types of Jobs we provide-Ocxee

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is one of the basic necessities to work in the UK as some employers cannot employ or pay them until they have a NI number.

We help you apply for part-time jobs, Graduate jobs, Graduate Schemes and Internships?

Yes, you can apply for summer internships after completing first year of your degree.

Its takes up to 16 weeks to get your NI number after you have proven your identity.

Yes, we will give you tips and tricks before your scheduled interview. If required we can further do a mock interview to build your confidence.

We have aim to send your application to at least 10 directories within 5 working days of receiving your CV and Cover letter.

We will optimise your CV and Cover letter according to the Job requirements. We give the employers what they want.